Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thesis Schedule

Week 1- Get my shit together.  Have three environment repaints done for Week 2.  Start on Irmuska character illustration.
Upload for accountability (1/22) - Three redone environments regardless of embarrassment level.

Week 2- Coast through Creature/Character- put extra effort into refining Irmuska illustration.
Upload for accountability (1/29) - Finished painting, format next to iterative process.

Week 3- Coast through Creature/Character (protagonist already designed). PREFERABLY, do three more character designs for Breathless in Creature/Character.  Start work on antagonist environment concept.
Upload for accountability (2/5) - Antagonist environment sketch (hopefully tight).

Week 4- Refine Irmuska's design in Creature/Character.  Go back and refine Breathless character designs (3-6).  Paint antagonist's environment.
Upload for accountability (2/12) - Antagonist environment painting, refined/new character illustrations.

Week 5- Start antagonist design in Creature/Character.  Polish everything else to a shine.
Upload for accountability (2/19) - Antagonist progress, any improved work.

Week 6- Finish antagonist design in Creature/Character.  Get hella critique on current portfolio.
Upload for accountability (2/26) - Full portfolio in current state.

Week 7- ASSEMBLE INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS.  Put in applications that are due immediately, hang on to the rest for as long as possible.
At this point, my portfolio should be the 6-9 pieces mentioned above, 6 Hunting Party pieces, and 4+ 3D models.
Upload for accountability (3/5) - Link to portfolio website.

Week 8- Begin designing mammal for Babushka project (maybe push up mount and design mammal later).  20-50 iteration studies.  Apply critique I received Week 8 to portfolio pieces.
Upload for accountability (3/12) - Required mammal design for Jacob (duh)

SPRING BREAK YES.  Here's what I need to do as of 3/8-
Do a 4-6 character lineup for Breathless
Finish Breathless paintings (make more narrative ffs)
Paint antagonist
Finish antagonist environment
Design second human character
Do character interaction sketches
Name BB story
Paint Hunting Party characters
Polish FF work
Apply to ALL the internships
(Sell a house, file paperwork, doctor, contact senior services, look for replacement)
(Do a crapload of work for Kenji)

Week 9- Have painted antagonist up.  Do object sketches for Babushka project.
Upload for accountability (3/19) - Object sketches, no matter how rough.

Week 10- Do required 3-5 final mammal/mount designs.  Pick one and render it.
Upload for accountability (3/26) - Final painted mount.

Week 11- 

Week 14- TURN IN THE REST OF YOUR INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS.  Start bumming around the web for last minute backup options. 

Week 16- Finals week.  Do what you gotta do.
Upload for accountability- Final portfolio.

Note- for every accountability upload I miss, I owe Grace $5